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Greetings June 2, 2007

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Welcome to The Association of MapleStory Haters. We are proud to be part of the controversy over the RuneScape MapleStory schism. We have made this site in honor of all the hard work that has been put into glorious RuneScape, unlike that MapleStory flea bag… But for the most part we are here to promote Anti-MapleStory. We didn’t create AMOSH, for many people before had had the same problem, but we were the official starters of it’s web blog. We hope you do not fall into the wrong hands of this schism. Join us… Join us here at AMOSH!


Please take the time to read our informative pages:
Rules and Guidelines
Our Staff
Our Database
Our sister site, United Society of Anti Maplestory
Our Database and Registration Division
Our Administrator Division
Our Internal Services Division
Project: MapleHack


Why AMOSH? June 1, 2007

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Yes, we have noticed that AMOSH is not the proper abbreviation for our Association. We call it AMOSH when really it’s supposed to be called AOMSH. Well, it’s kind of a ‘code name’. Once again…. enjoy our site!


AMOSHroom: Oh, and some of our sites use both AMOSH and AOMSH as their names, so make sure that when typing in the URL, you use the right one!