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The AMOSH Database

Hello! Welcome to the AMOSH Database. Here you can find all the information and projects going on in AMOSH.


Sub-Organizations: Although AMOSH is main organization, we have others. These are known as ‘sub-organizations’, where we carry out very classified/importaint things, thanks to –CC. They are:
United Society Of Anti Maple Story (USOAMS) (News Division)
AOMSH Global (Database and Registration Division)
AMOSH Conference (Administrator Division)
AMOSH Terminal (International Satellite Database) Terminal page restricted to admins: individual dish pages are listed below:
Europe Dish
Asia Dish
Africa Dish
Oceania Dish
North America Dish
South America Dish
AOMSH Services (Internal Services Division)

Wikipedia: On our quest to destroy Maplestory, we obviously need to tell the whole world, right? So now we have an undercover user patrolling the articles of Wikipedia, and keeping the Maplestory promotion at a low.

Amoshroom: Well, you got to admit that in order to beat the enemy, you must become the enemy. We hate to say this, but, we must play Maplestory. Luckily, we have an undercover agent, “Amoshroom” (Sounds like “A Mushroom”, but is really “AMOSH Room”.), who is warning people of Maplestory, and advertising us. He is also good for getting images for proof…

USOAMS Merge: Until now, USOAMS has been rather unpopular Anti-Maplestory News Agency. Today, they are merging with the more popular AMOSH organization. Please note that things will go on as they used to be.

Dishes Ready: It’s rather complicated, so if you haven’t been checking up to date with our news at USOAMS, then you should start! Look at the Space Race, and then you will see what a BIG DEAL this is. You can look at USOAMS for some of the data.

For further expanding of our group, we’ve registered accounts on the BZFlag BB forums. Please click here for more information on our latest project at AMOSH.

Project: MapleHack
Yep, this is the main objective of AMOSH, to hack and shutdown Maplestory. However, we have been working on Anti-Maplestory promotion, not the real hacking. The real hacking has been started since 7-2-07. All of our members are allowed to see our hack status. Remember that our first stop is the 3 million Maplestory Global players, not the other 47 million players. Thank you.



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